EKF Productions began in 1998 out of a small shed in Timberlake, North Carolina.  From there it transformed into a production company with a strong focus on photojournalism and documentary work.  Its primary function is a fusion of history and culture using all platforms of media available.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Stephanie Bathurst. I am a photojournalist living in Austin, Texas. I am currently in line to get my MA in Photojournalism from the University of Texas in May and I am working on my Masters Report. I chose to cover the resurgence of intentional communities across the country for the report, and I am conducting research now.

    It sounds like we have similar projects going on! And similar interests! I lived in a community this summer in Dexter, Oregon called Lost Valley Educational Center documenting and living the lifestyle, and am currently focusing on two other communities throughout Texas.

    I am starting to try to collect data on the subject, and am finding that this is a relatively untouched subject in journalism. Do you agree with the statement that intentional communities are on the rise in the USA? Do you have any suggestions where to find evidence of this? I am aware of the communities directory, but that is about it so far.

    Any resource suggestions would be very helpful. Lets be in touch.

    Stephanie Bathurst

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