Radical Faerie Gathering

I drove into the Wolf Creek Sanctuary to film and interview the gathering and some of the elders, I was a bit nervous being a complete outsider.  My nervousness was justified when I was told to wait across the street as the elders decided on whether or not allow me in.  The gathering had just had a heated debate the day before to decide who was allowed into the gathering.  As luck would have it, they decided they were not allowing women or any man not identified as homosexual.

Unfortunately, the Radical Faerie Gathering will not be making its way into this documentary, but I am still in contact with a Faerie community that would like me to pay a visit but is still undecided about allowing me to film.  Being a sanctuary, they are justifiably concerned with their privacy.

  1. hang in there. I got turned away or just ignored by several communities as I started this project. even as we were well into it years later we found some communities to be uninviting.

    there’s a fear amongst many communities that cameras will tell the wrong side of the story.

    one thing I noticed already that some communities will fear is the description you gave about this project of yours by saying:

    About this project:

    Imagine getting away from all the problems you face in this society… Away from sticky situations that come to us uninvited, away from everything that you don’t believe in. Well, some people have actually glided out of that misery and into a more agreeable environment for themselves. Or at least they left searching for it.


    1) in our movie http://www.withinreachmovie.com we are sharing that these communities have evolved since the 60’s into being about what they are FOR rather than what they are against. those that haven’t evolved into that failed or are failing.

    2) communities at large fear people coming into their gates who are seeking to run away from society. community life can only be sustainable if people are coming as balanced individuals, well centered in who they are, and coming to offer something to the community rather than expecting the community to fill something that is missing in their life. Community life will not fill that void. only once we reach within can we then find that sustainable community is within reach. Community life is an alternative to mainstream living but it has just as many challenges.

    Blessings and let me know if you ever have any questions on your journey,
    Director, Within Reach Movie

  2. jean said:

    Kent, are you and your car being searched? Funny picture as you are being turned away.

  3. Cool project. Cool brother. Keep up the posts!

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