About this project

Imagine getting away from all the problems you face in this society… Away from sticky situations that come to us uninvited, away from everything that you don’t believe in. Well, some people have actually glided out of that misery and into a more agreeable environment for themselves. Or at least they left searching for it.


This is a documentary about the people of intentional communities in America. What drove these people to seek out a better version of society on their own terms? How are they going about creating it? We try to answer these questions while looking into the unique ways in which the people of intentional communities lead their lives.

As a side note:

Since the rise of a the internet and technology like the smartphone, we have seen journalism move from the control of big media companies and into the hands of individuals on the spot. There is little room for on the spot and immediate journalism but I think there will be a growing need for well thought out documentary style journalism, to keep us up on the bigger picture that takes time to grasp. We hope this is the first of many great documentaries to come and all help is greatly appreciated.


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